Airforce Journal: Writing, Sinking-in

5:19pm June/8th/2011

I abruptly stopped my diary cuz daddy came down stairs. Some teacher once told me that writing in cursive is faster than writing in regular. I think its easier to make mistakes when you write in cursive. Actually its just harder to correct specific letters. Its alot more super-fluous, and diary-like.Anyways, [mega dangerous 1] isn’t the evil part. No I don’t care very much about how Laurinda would feel if she found out, instead I’m more worried about Bryon finding out. I don’t know how I justified my actions but I do know that it felt good and that no one gets hurt if no one finds out. I think I might keep a more scheduled diary at university [Hey I actually followed through with this!]. I’m going to live on my own, in a different city. HOLY SHIT! THAT’S CRAZY!. But its natural. Its part of life. I’m gonna live with my parents for most of my life, so I want a couple of years to myself. Breating room? I’m not writing this entry straight through. I’m texting shivili and on the computer at the same time. Should I make the effort to write neatly. Nah fuck that. I’m gonna pull out the physics at precisely 6:00. SO i got home @ 4:00pm. I ate, watched some old videos w/ my family, found the website to apply for ottawa residence , [deadline is the 1st] sent resumes to 5 different jobs, wrote in this diary, and texted shivli about the major things in life right now.


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