Airforce Journal: School and Teachers

5:02PM June/04/2011

I have a physics test on Wednesday also a chemistry one. There both going to be difficult since I’m so behind in both categories. I failed a physics test and I just passed my chem test, but screwed up half of the lab. I drank coffee this morning, and had an Earl Grey tea. I have plenty of caffeine in me. I am not following the 10 minute rule with this entry. I’m listening to the euphoric and melancholic music by Tyler the Creator. I just had a conversation with Thiviya Akka. I’m happy that I can talk to my sisters about stuff. Their both smart, in different ways. I broke up with Sonia yesterday. I went to Massata’s and played hockey, but the night evenutally led to D3ing, it was an interesting experience. I’m going to geetha chemistry tutor tomorrow. I’ll study chemistry with Kiru in the morning tomorrow and then I will goto Geetha’s with questions. I goto Geetha tutor to pick up on the skills and techniques she uses. She uses cue-cards, mnemonic devices, colorful pens, mind-maps, and when she teaches she shows the common trait of any intelligent person. Passion. Mr. Hulme is very passionate about calculus, and both he and Geetha have plenty of energy while teaching. Mr. Moliotsias has never been my teacher, but apparently he’s the smartest math teacher, cuz he has a master’s degree. I still think Mrs. Enright is the smartest teacher. They are in different fields, so a fair comparison between the two is very difficult. Its nearly 5:30, should I get started with my physics? Do I have distracting thoughts in my head? Should I read the book I got from Ms. Burgess. The book is called “Surviving the Roller Coaster”. I’m going to turn off the music. The roller coaster references to the mood swings that teenagers have. I’m starting to become much more stable than ever before. Life-wise, I have a direction. I got into university and I know what career path I will be going into. Since I just broke up with sonia, I might feel some sadness but the relieving feeling of knowing that I don’t have to care anymore, overpowers any sadness. The painful , chest-pounding stress, jealousy and sadness that I would get when seeing her with Darcus, is finally never going to bother me. Even if they started going out, or dating, or got married! It would no longer affect me. Infact I would feel some satisfaction since I was right about them all along. Actually, I don’t know why I wrote that, I don’t mean that I was suspicious of them having secret feeling for eachother, I was merely upset that she gave him so much attention. The only sad part is that I was not able to be the guy who made her pour her heart out . I wasn’t the guy who made her have the emotion, feeling, and DRIVE to be a good girlfriend. [Mega dangerous comment here.]



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