Air Force Journal: Psychological Hustler

8:47pm June/09/2011

So I’ve sold calcium pills to Hakim and Kajeevan, but I told them it is Adderall. It is a pill that helps u focus. I read about it. Its for people with ADD and mental illnesses. Sounds like powerful stuff, but what I’m giving them is a a placebo effect. It worked, Hakim had a point where he was like “OK. I feel it kicking in now”. Kajeevan said he felt very “clear-headed”. These boys have to just harness their innate abilities, and they will feel the effects of this placebo. I’m writing the journal for 13 mins. English essay exams are gay. To write a good essay, you gotta take a few days, get inspired, sleep on it, review, and edit. Forcing us to write the best possible essay in one and a half to two hours is unfair. Yeah well in the real world, you aren’t going to have the luxury of all that time to answer a few questions and write a report. On the bright side it checks how quickly you can come up with ideas and words, and how easily you are able to organize your thoughts into a thesis and essay-structure. Oops, I started lecturing myself before reading the rest. I could place generic values beside the statement for ex. “Cuz I can”. I got approx 5 mins left. I want to…I started writing those words not knowing what I was going to say next. This year I learned a lot. I’ve changed a little every year of my life but damn, i changed a LOT over this past year. If only there was someway to measure how much I have grown mentally and emotionally. I have the ability and capacity to learn everything I need to know in order to become an engineer. I’m even creative, which is a natural talent. Today me Javed, Imran and Archie and Jerome were all standing around joking and laughing. At the end, I heard Javed whisper to Imran “its better when everyone takes part” WOW> I just started drifting in my thoughts and coloring boxes. I had a bunch of colored boxes on the side of the page. Wow this is the first time I got distracted from writing in my diary by thinking! I started thinking about whether I should ask Javed if that was what he said and if he did say that confirm what he meant. OH The time finished 2 mins ago, back to work!



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