Air Force Journal: May/31st/2011

Maybe Obviously stress has to do with being unproductive. Usually if I only put ONE line through a word, I didn’t truly mean to take it out, for ex. “My Boss is a bitch not  nice person”. If I really made a mistake like “My [I scratched out a word here] boss is a bitch” I scratch it out till it is barely legible. It says “frog” btw. No one likes rules. Actually that’s a completely false and ignorant statement. Desire. Desire for money, clothes, relationship,nice house and social status. Ah yes, this brings me to my completely original hypothesis behind the motivation of LIFE. We all want attention. Not in the same way, of course. Intro/Extroverts want attention in extremely different ways I’m sure. There are the obvious methods , such as being loud.

I used this website and this one to get the following names.

Besafo is loud and tries to be funny , at the sacrifice of looking stupid and being self-degrading. Javed is raw, Javed is true. He doesn’t pretend to like someone and not admit to his friends that he doesn’t like him. I can see how Skeller finds Besafo annoying. It sucks that Besafo doesn’t realize that a few people don’t appreciate his personality. People not liking him because he he is going out with Tameka the slut is TOTALLY STUPID and UNFAIR! I have a SCIALL assignment to do, and I have already passed the 10 min limit for writing in diaries. Self-control and anti-addiction; Independent of almost everything. I wasn’t exaggerating when I wrote that last sentence. I had a really good grip on my self-control. If I could do it then, I can do it now.


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