Air Force Journal: Library, Marks, Temple

10:29Pm June/11/2011

Listening to “Pigs Fly – Odd Future I like the part when the deep voice says “If you wanna go outside?”. Today I went to the library to study. I was with Pranit, Shaili, Lavan, Jeet and we did physics. I enjoy physics. Its challenging because it requires you to really think about everything that is happening in the problem. Lavan. He is usually sad and depressed by school when he gets bad marks. I don’t want to repeat myself in this diary, by that I don’t want to mention the same thing in two different entries.

12:35PM August/1st/2011

The family is going to the temple and mommy didn’t ask me to come. That’s a huge relief. Daddy asked me last night, I just changed the topic. Maybe they are starting to understand me- but that’s a huge jump to a powerful conclusion based on minuscule [evidence].

And this marks the last entry in the Air Force journal.

This is why I called it the “Air Force Journal”


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