Air Force Journal: Decision Making

6:14pm June 8 2011

The point of this entry was to assist in deciding whether I want to go to Katie McClenaghan’s party. She invited DGF so I’m automatically invited. The only problem is – I should spend that time studying. But I have teh whole weekend to study. And the party starts at 9:00PM When do I ever study past 9:00PM It’s a great time to party. The last time a party started at 9:00 was massta’s and that was kinda bad. I’m hoping for a crazy [I wrote that in cursive] white party which feels like a prom after party. Too bad I’m dark-skinned and Tamil looking. The white girls will be scared of me. I think if Brown girls are there, they will be white-washed and thusly be looking for white-washed tamil guys. Why does Nelson give Tanisha so much attention if he doesn’t like her. Its like he does all the things he needs to do in order to get her to stay attracted to him and he enjoys it. I feel bad for Tanisha but maybe she likes it. Maybe she’d rather have him give her attention but not care for her truly instead of not having him at all. People get mad at her for not getting over Nelson…thats so retardedly unfair. Getting over someone is hard especially if they give you plenty of attention whether its good or bad. People suck. We all say “The crewis gay ” but who is this GAY crew. Javed says it, so does that exclude him? Or are people part of the GAY un-accepting part of the crew w/o realizing. Anyway I think I’ve decided that I’m going to eat right now, study as much I can and then goto Katies.


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