Branten Zaphord

video Info
  • This is the closest thing I can find to what Branten Zaphord looked like. The idea was to make a house for free, out of things we found on the streets. The name Branten comes form Brantwood and Golden Gate which are Jerome’s and Arun’s house addresses. Zaphord comes from Zaph and Milford which are mine and Imran’s addresses, respectively.


    We had built it under this, it gave us plenty of room and support for walls. It was also in a relatively private location. Or so we thought…


    I wanted to show that people waste so many good things, one mans trash is another mans treasure. This was during my height of ESP and Me to We participation.

    We had even had an alamary!

    The house was working out nicely, we got plenty of work done. There was a big ass bush in the way, so we decided to saw it off in order to get some more room. As soon as we finished sawing, (which took an assload of work) we sat down on the couch, grinning with content at our beautiful house of trash.

  Imran and I carried a three-seater couch across the field, this is what started the projected. This is random picture I found on the internet, we’re not actually in this.

    The cops came and everything was ruined. A few days later we saw a construction crew come in and remove all of our stuff.

    Lesson Learned: Don’t build a house of garbage on government property!

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