Air Force Journal: Dec/21/2010

Day 2 of Christmas Break:

Christmas break is off to a great start. I spent the day with SMT boys, Welsen Xu, Kirushanth Mahalingam and Kajeevan. [This pen sux brb]. So I met up with them, and we checked the back for some useful objects to take to Thee Spot. It’s the new Branten Zaphord. The location is fairly remote but there is kind of a path leading to it which is good and bad at the same time. It is bad since it is easily accessible by anyone. Potentially stupid people that will either ruin the house or call cops. Calling the cops and getting caught isn’t impossible, since it has already happened once (click the Branten Zaphord link above). I’m going to try and write as fast and neatly as possible, because I want to gain something from writing these journals. You only improve at something when you push your limits, and struggle a little. If everything is easy, you aren’t improving as much as you could be. My hand is aching already, which should give you an idea of how fast I am writing.

Anyways continuing back to the whole “My Christmas Break Motif”, Kiru, Kaj and I decided to carry an approximately 9ft long, heavy cabinet from Tuxedo Court, and a table with a cupboard underneath it. I wnt to emphasize that nothing must be stolen or taken wrongfully, that’s not the idea of the house. There are two major purposes [Explained in the link above]


…helping the homeless is an arguable idea. On one side you have people that think “it was their choice to spend money on drugs or whatever, so why should we help them?”. It is possible to get some sort of job, working at McDonalds or something. Its better than being homeless right? [Note: These are not my opinions now, just at the time of writing]. The book I read titled “Theories of Relativity” was a really great book, I learned a lot about how the homeless society works. I understand that most people are homeless because of drugs and mental illness, but aren’t asylums free? I better research that. [I found out that asylums are not granted to just anyone with mental illness, you need to pose a risk to the safety of others or yourself]. And drug users – what if they came from a broken home or soemthing and that’s the reason why they resorted to getting high. She they be forced into homelessness without help? Who is ABLE to help them – social workers and psychologists. Both are fields I would love to do. Who pays them? After getting a masters or even just a bachelors which is 4 years of intense university stress getting paid handsomely is an expected reward. Being a volunteer to help druggies is not.

Whoa ultimate digression, so we had lots of fun building the house (D1) and went to McDonalds and got home, woke up this morning at 11 and now I gotta apply for universities. Maybe if I write down my university choices I will be able to figure things out more easily.

Okay so in a most general way my options are Psychology or Engineering.


  • I love psychology
  • I can be helping people with emotionally scarring problems
  • Psychiatry can pay up to 200K avg = 80k
  • Psychology is research more than treatment
  • “My son is a doctor!”


  • You “love” psychology? Your saying that based on the little bit you learned of the few years of wikipedia
  • There is no real exact answers that will help people. There are a bunch of theories and suggestions that may be conflicting and inconsistent.
  • You need to get a PhD, or PsyD, requiring 7 years of paid tuition.
  • Expensive, time consuming
  • Insanely difficult program, may require biology, ugh.


  • Civil engineering : Jahnavi said her dad brings home a blueprint every day and looks at it for hours
  • Computer Engineering: Robotics
  • Electrical engineering: Mr. Campbell led a happy life
  • Industiral Engineering : You get an MBA in the end
  • Mechanical Engineering: CAD Designing
  • [Notice software engineering wasn’t even a consideration]

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