Reality Cheque

No I didn’t misspell Reality Check. I was laying in bed when the thought occurred to me that reality is really just whatever we perceive with our 5 senses. Our brain is constantly trying to make sense of things, which explains why a mighty optical illusion, such as escher can seem like something other than what it really is. “Is it two faces or a vase“.

Our brain is always trying to make sense of what we perceive. And we can trick our brains into perceiving things. Can you tell where my thought process is going? While laying in my bed, I imagined in the future that we would have machines at can manipulate our perception, and not just our vision, but all of our senses, giving us immensely powerful optical reality illusions (since its not only our optics that get tricked).

Is it just me, or is it hot in here. How do we confirm that our senses are working properly, and we’re not losing our minds? We validate our perception by asking people around us. And sociology suggests that most people will follow what the others are doing, even if they don’t know why. 

What if we could purposely induce a global illusion. If everyone on the planet could feel and believe that something existed, then THAT would actually become reality. Not an illusion anymore. Why would it be an illusion if ALL (as in all humans) our senses perceived that some sort of phenomena was true. Okay I’m being too abstract, let me give an example. Shit. I can’t think of a concrete example. I was going to say Alright, if we wanted to convince the entire world that the sun is blue, then we just need to change what we see, we wouldn’t need to change the actual flames of the sun for our reality to change. But the problem with this is, its too limited, and is not useful information. What am I trying to say? That if we all believe the sun is blue, that the sun will ACTUALLY become blue? Well blue is just a word, we can attach a new meaning to an old word. Yellow could become the new blue. We have devices that detect color (just measure the frequency of the waves), so we would know that the sun is not emitting blue light. Wait a minute, the sun IS emitting blue light, since light consists of all the colors, which is shown when we pass light through a glass prism.

While laying in bed, it seemed like a came to a more amazing realization, when in reality all I (re)discovered was that if we had machines hooked up to our brains that sent signals saying “there is a alien space ship in the middle of the road” then we would all believe it to be true, and it would become reality, since reality is what we perceive it to be.

Every single business appeals to altering your state of reality, which boils down to altered states of perception. We live to look nice, smell good, touch people, taste food, hear music .etc. All of our money and time goes into pleasing our 5 senses. What about a blind, deaf, dumb, paralyzed, smoker? Well they wouldn’t be spending money. What about psychological happiness, individuation? Uhh…you got me there. Okay fine, MOST businesses.

If we could just develop something that makes people FEEL the things they wanna feel, then we’d have an amazing business idea. OH SHIT, I just realized something crazy about this idea. We could completely manipulate anyone to do anything really. If I control someones reality, than I could probably indirectly control everything about them. If could make someone see something that isn’t there, for example an image of a beautiful view of the earth from space, I’m sure that would be a rewarding experience for them. But I could switch that image with a vision of me killing their family. They would probably leave experience wanting to get revenge on me, even though it didn’t really happen! That’s a simple example, but-

OH SHIT, I just thought of another thing. What if I could SEND the image of me unhooking the machine from them. Basically inception. They would believe that they are living in real life, but actually they are living in the world I create for them.

Oh before I forget, the cheque in the title was to allude to the money making strategy involved in being able to control ones reality.

Anyway. could I use this machine on myself? What if I could enter my own made up world, and make it so that time moves at half the rate, so I would have double the amount of time to do anything? My own internal hyperbolic time chamber. Jeezam.

The crazy part is that it doesn’t seem too impossible. Using the principles of neuroscience, optical illusions, brain scanning and some serious programmers, we could probably do it. But first, we need to be able to READ images from the brain, before we can send it. Wow, even that would be an enormous step forward. What if you project whatever images you are imagining in your head onto a screen? Sync your brain with your phone. Oh goddam, I’m in an extremely futuristic and creative mood right now. Man just have a projector on my phone would be pretty damn awesome. But being able to project some sort of video from my phone, WITHOUT a screen would be even more awesome. Coachella was an enormous step in the right direction. Holograms and shit.

I think the best part about fantasizing about the future of technology for me, is the fact that I will be right in the midst of it. I will actually be contributing to something the future holds. Software is the basis for a lot of amazing shit right now, so If I get into that field, I will be one more person progressing technology into something even more fantastic than it already is.


2 thoughts on “Reality Cheque

  1. Maybe we should start by convincing ourselves that the sun revolves around the Earth again. How did we ever let them bamboozle us with the notion that we revolve around the sun? Sheer madness. 🙂

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