Whats Wrong With Gaming: Results

I finished all of Diablo.I beat the boss, conquered the maps, got the money, the armor, the bitches – you name it, I did it. I got no studying done, and do I regret it? Well I’m happy its over. It was fun while it lasted, but it satisfied my gaming craving. I thought I would just crave for more after I finished it, but here I am, with the knowledge that there are expansion packs, new versions, and ability to get them for free (torrents), but not interested in doing so. I made a firm decision, and I have no intents of going back on it.

But I do wonder sometimes, is this forever? Should I really put off doing something that makes me happy? But then I remember, it doesn’t  make me happy, overall. If I could measure my happiness for a month, and I spent one month gaming, and one month learning, I’d definitely be happier by the end of the learning month. So if my decision to stop gaming does last forever, then I should be one very happy man.

A lot of things in life can make us feel temporary pleasure. Rollercoasters, movies, cake, steak, sleeping, cocaine, but doing these things all the time actually takes away from our lives. The short highs are met with scarring, regretful lows. (Red Curve)

Always doing what your supposed to do, and never breaking the rules, being boring but “successful” (by society standards) is going to be a life of regrets as well. Having a childhood, teenagehood, young adult hood, and maturity is important. Like a beginning, middle and end of a play. It doesn’t make sense to have an entire play which is really just a middle of a story (not including series of movies), just like it doesn’t make sense to be a teenager all the time.

Oh! I just noticed I could do this. This is pretty cool, I think I'm supposed to 
quotes and shit in here. Anyway I started doing things because I have something 
irrelevant to say: In my diary, I can write about specific people, and I can be as
honest as I please. I'd like if these people read my blog, but at the same time I
don't want to offend anyone, without intending to. If I'm trying to offend someone
I'll make sure that they know that I am trying to offend them. I don't want them 
to interpret something the wrong way. I'd feel bad if I was trying to offend someone
and then they didn't realize it. I can't think of a good example at the moment.
Anyway, for now I'm not going to mention whoever I was going to mention. But as a 
note to myself: lankaneze


I don’t know which path I will be taking, but I do know that these are some options that exist. Working towards a fulfilling goal seems like its going to start off slower than the others, being less happy (due to all the work) but the happiness GROWS the fastest (like a cubic function) versus the xsinx function (red) and linear (blue).


Gaming a little bit at a time, did not work for me. I felt cravings during the periods I stop gaming (which were stronger than the cravings I had before I started my schedule) the only way for me to satisfy those craves was to finish the entire game. Gaming for a long period straight, and then studying is not a feasible option, because once I’m in the mindset of gaming for a long period, I will think “only a few more levels and I can just finish the game”.


  • What to do the next time I crave?
  • Isnevergaming ever again a good decision to make?
  • Why do I craves these games so much? Whats so great about them?

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