Whats wrong with gaming?

My child hood

I loved this shit

I’ve been a huge fan of the Diablo series ever since I was young. I was keeping up with the release status of Diablo III, but after I got into uni I decided that I wouldn’t bother getting it, since I know I would be really addicted to it.

During second semester, I got addicted to a game called Thirst of Night. It was not that great, but it sure was addicting because events in the game happened in real-time. A building would take hours to build, troops would go marching and I’dhave to check their status 8 hours later. I told myself that I would just play between studying, and it really wasn’t too much time consuming gaming involved, since it was a decision based game, I could just make a bunch of decisions and ignore it for an hour.

But I didn’t. I checked up on it every few mins, and started climbing the ranking system. Eventually I was part of a respected clan, and I made it past their cut, multiple times. I started checking up on themduringclass. I drew the line there. I realized that it was taking over, and I had to delete it, so I did, and never looked back.

A few months went, and I never touched any games. RIM updates the playbook, and I get two free games. I spent so many consecutive hours playing Asphalt 6. I’m not even a huge fan of racing games, but man was I addicted to that. I am thankful that the game actually ends. I unlocked every car, every city, got all the stars and shit and I finally put the game down.

I haven’t gamed since then. I got pretty good at resisting the temptations, and my self-control was strongest after I read How To Quit Gaming FOREVER – Kingpin Lifestyle. This shit was golden. I have no idea how I came across it, but it really cuts the crap and gives real and useful information.

I’ve only been craving playing Diablo the last few days, and I was thinking about one of my friends who said “I don’t have time to play StarCraft so I just watch videos of it”. So I watched a few Diablo III gameplay videos but it didn’t satisfy my craving. It just strengthened it, because it reminded me ofwhy I liked the game so much! I forgot about how simple it is to play the game, the huge fun-factor behind leveling-up, and the jaw dropping graphics. I resisted a few days and then…

I finished my first Java II assignment.

I did great too! I actually had code that was efficient, and very closely matched to the professors official solution. It was a great learning experience, and itdid develop my skills.

I should celebrate! Whats something I’ve been craving…

And that’s when I downloaded Diablo I. I decided I’d start from the beginning. I learned my lesson from Thirst of Night, and Asphalt 6, so I told myself that I MUST match my study time with my gaming time. For every 30 mins I play, I study for 30 mins. Simple and makes sense right?

Well right in the middle of a boss battle is not a moment I want to have to pause the game. But I did 🙂 But I kept thinking about it while I switched to study mode. My productivity was much lower than the day before I started this schedule. I find glancing over at my timer every few seconds while I’m studying, anxious to when I will start gaming again.

I tried switching it from 30 mins to one hour, so that I could really settle in into study mode. At one point it worked, and I was doing well, but still not a real solution.

What else can I try? I coulddelete the game, and just forget about it. But I really wanna flex my self-control muscles. I can flex those muscles either by sticking to the schedule no matter how tempted I am to play longer than 30 mins, or I can flex it by picking some sort of rule.

Naturally, we all have certain times of day where we are least productive. I find that I am most productive while drinking coffee, least productive after a large meal, and mixed productivity during the night. If I can figure out times where I am least productive, I can just stick gaming into that time slot.

Its gonna be hard to find those time slots.

Okay, how about I just game my ass off for like 4 hours, “get it out of my system” and then start studying?

I’m going to try that right now: 5:42 pm


3 thoughts on “Whats wrong with gaming?

  1. Good luck on your journey! Remember you can e-mail me anytime if you have specific questions. I’m happy to help, I mean it.

    PS. Love your blog layout. Very clean. Looks crisp.

    • Hey man, I read your articles, I didn’t think for a second you’d ever read one of mine! Your article on “Why Not Giving a Fuck is Stupid as Fuck” was fantastic. I always felt the same way, but could never put it into words like you did.

      Thanks for the compliments, and for offering to help. I’ll be sure to point people to kingpinlifestyle.com whenever I get the chance!

  2. I really appreciate you forwarding people to the site. I’m also glad you found my other article of value. I think paying attention to the social side of life is too important to ignore. Being social is not a choice we have, how well we do it is!

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