New Approach to Time Management

Have you ever seen people that have enough time to do it all. They work, they do sports, they have friends, have a relationship, go to parties, are part of school clubs, travel, do competitions, all while maintaining good grades.

I have good self-control when it comes to flopping on people, or events so I can “study”. I may actually allocate all my time to studying, but I still am not a stellar student. The steps I took to stop wasting time are as follows:

  • I’ve stopped gaming, especially RPGs (which were my favorite)
  • I limit myself to watching Youtube videos only while eating. Sometimes I fall into the abyss of Suggested Videos, unable to escape.
  • I don’t go on Facebook just to see what I missed. I go with a purpose, like “I gotta msg this person” or “I just thought of a good status update”.
  • You really can’t spend that much time on twitter anyway
  • I don’t fucks with tumblr

So where the hell does all my time go? That’s why I started writing down so many things. Have you ever looked at the time, its 6pm and you haven’t done anything? I hated that, so I documented so much of what I do. On the days I am being really productive, my journal looks great “Learned this, finished this, completed that :)”. And on other days “Watched 4 hours of

My New Tactic for Being More Time Efficient

I’m going to try out this new idea I had. I’m not going to flop on things as much as I usually do. I’m not going to dedicate entire days to studying. If my brain knows that I have so much time to do something, I theorize that it will take up all that time. (Ah its basically a case of the Mahalingam Paradox, which I will cover in another post.) My mom asked me to drive somewhere today, and I’m probably gonna watch a movie with the dudes, maybe I’ll even try to find the Diablo III demo. I would usually say no to my mom, cancel on my friends, and not even consider gaming, but maybe if I do these things, my brain will have to work extra hard since it has a limited amount of time.

Lets see if this works


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