I’m on a time constraint, is there a right time to give up?

I am re-doing the assignments for my Introduction to Java II course. I haven’t actually been working on it everyday, but I’ve been dragging through it since June. I think language and computer science have certain things in common. One way to optimize a program is removing redundant code, and Ms. Brady told me “If you can say something in less words, say it that way”.

I have a lot to cover before I write my exam in 16 days. I’m only at the first assignment, which covers arrays, object-orientation, encapsulation and doesn’t get into the other two pillars of Java, Polymorphism and Inheritance.

But when it comes to being a good programmer, and a software engineer, I need be able to troubleshoot and debug shitty code. I’m going to be working with people who give me crappy code, but I’ll just have to work with it because it’s the Boss’s daughters code and I have no choice but to keep it. Right now,my code is the extremely crappy one, and by debugging it, I’ll be making myself an opportunity to develop skills that will be useful in the future.

But. LOL This reminds me of a friend I have named Bassil Watfa. While tutoring him, he’d suggest an idea he had and I’d say “Yes, that’s perfectly correct…BUT <insert annoying condition here”. And he’d say “Theres always that big BUT! :(”

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out if I should be spending my time developing these skills, or moving on so I can pass the exam and not be left behind in my courses. But then again, the logic skills I will develop from just sticking through till the end of this assignment will also benefit me greatly on the exam.

The reason I started to re-do all the assignments, is because I wanted to strength my foundation about the core concepts in Java. I haven’t even used up every bit of effort I have, If I get to the point where I am completely eluded by the solution, and no amount of googling or reading up on Java material is helping me, THEN I will look at the solution to the assignment.

OR if date == July 1st. In which case I will move on to the other things, and then I will learn the other material and come back to the first assignment after the exam.

Till then, I will remind myself that I need to see what my potential is, and how much exertion I am mentally capable of, at the moment. And I can only do this if I work my ass off with this assignment. And I will eliminate the feeling of “shit, should I be working on some of that other important stuff” because I have set a date and time for when I will move on from this assignment.


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