Is a blog the same as a Journal/Diary

Can I treat this blog the same way I’ve been treating my written diaries, journals, and notebooks?

I’m not exactly sure why I am such a fan of recording my thoughts, events, and basically anything. Just on my desktop I have a bunch of documents with the following titles

  • How to spend my summer
  • How I really spent my summer
  • Things I learned from A+ certification
  • Video Ideas
  • Teaching Ideas
  • Software Ideas
  • Dreams
  • Java Audiobook
  • Bucket List
  • Life Notes
    • Milestones
    • My Idols
    • Psychology
    • Musings
    • Advice
    • Wisdom from Strangers
    • Spirituality
    • Professionalism
    • Technology
    • Jokes

Whoa! Why the hell don’t I have a blog? I love writing shit down! The best part is, most people worry about how many people will read there blog, and whether their material is interesting enough for people to want to read it. That doesn’t affect me at all because I rarely show anyone all my documents anyway!

Oh wait, thats why I don’t have a blog. I guess a lot of that stuff is private. Like my dream journal. I can’t be completely uncensored on the internet. What if a potential employer creeps my info on the web. Well whats the worst that could happen. They see that I’m an active participant in the social realm of the internet! Or they see me as a lifeless loser who spends too much time on the internet. Who cares, either way it won’t shift their decision very much.

What about embarrassing stories? How would I feel if someone who I just met, also happen to read my blog. Someone who doesn’t know me well enough to understand the real kind of person I am, but yet someone who I may have future encounters with. Like a work friend. I’m pretty DGF when it comes to that.

Oh what about writing about specific people. Is there anything I would write about someone that I wouldn’t want to directly say to them? Not that I can think of right now. Another issue arises about privacy. Not everyone wants to have written, recorded evidence about the things they do. What if I write about someone, and they just don’t feel comfortable with having it available to the public? I’ll just send it to them first, and then ask their permission. Problem solved.

What about my dreams! Sometimes they are really fucked up. I recently had a dream that I was shooting Ray Romano with a pump action shotgun. I like to write down ALL my dreams. I guess that’s a small issue since that’s only one of the many things I will be writing about. And I guess I don’t have to write ALL my dreams down in one place. 

What about my idea of creating an entire website based on Drupal? Well that’s a great, time consuming idea. At one point in time I’ll migrate from wordpress to my own personal website, but for now I just need a place to get all this stuff down.

Okay, I’m ready to start blogging. 🙂Image


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